Yale Cabaret is a haven for the creative spirit that resides in every student at the Yale School of Drama. We are an intersection for curious audiences, invigorating stories, and artistic excellence. In its 50th year, we will continue to illuminate the many voices of our community by producing brave and passionate work that champions the growth of our artists.



Cab 50 is a place to BE SEEN
At YSD we are student-artists, but, here, we are artists first. At the Cabaret we have the freedom to take space as our full artistic selves.

Cab 50 is a place to BE HEARD
Listening is the vital artery of every artistic process; and at the Cabaret we welcome all voices at the table.

Cab 50 is a place to BE UNDERSTOOD
We marry artistic risk with rigorous intentionality in order to make the vision of all eighteen productions as clear as possible.